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In order to protect your personal health and financial data, and as part of our federally-mandated identity theft prevention program, as of December 21, 2010, we are asking all of our patients to provide a photo ID or other proof of identity at registration. If the address is not current on your ID you must provide a utility bill, paycheck or governmental correspondence showing current residence. All clinic appointments can be arranged by calling Orthopaedic Institute of Ohio at 419-222-6622 or you can Click here to request an appointment online. We are happy to hear from you. Please contact us using the information below:

Orthopaedic Institute of Ohio

801 Medical Drive – Suite A
Lima, Ohio 45804

Toll Free: 800-225-3921

Tel: 419-222-6622

Fax: 419-224-0015

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Email: info@orthoohio.com
Website: www.orthoohio.com

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for your appointment for registration and to fill in a health questionnaire.

When you come for your appointments, please remember to bring the following

  • Drivers License
  • Insurance information
  • Copies of operation records, medical records, x-rays, MRIs, CT scans and so on from prior doctor visits
  • If you have had surgery elsewhere, please bring a copy of your operation report
  • Co-Pay

Very often during the course of your evaluation or treatment for an orthopaedic condition we will require x-rays to determine the cause of a problem or to evaluate your progress.

To cancel an appointment

Telephone the office during business hours. Please cancel at least 1 day ahead so that your appointment time can be allocated to another patient who is seeking treatment.

Office Call

OIO offers Office Call to handle those patients that need immediate orthopaedic care. Referring physicians and hospitals find Office Call to be extremely helpful in allowing their patients with urgent needs to receive care five days a week, without an extended wait. With Office Call, patients get quick, quality care without the wait.

OIO Sports Medicine Walk-In Clinic

Held Monday through Saturday 7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m., OIO’s Sports Medicine Walk-In Clinic allows the injured athlete to be seen immediately by a board certified orthopedic physician, and to move on to treatment and recovery as quickly as possible. This immediate access to a total sports care facility is invaluable to both coaches and athletes, providing an immediate diagnosis and consultation regarding the injury.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

A good example of OIO’s convenient and quality care is our MRI facility. Located on site, the OIO MRI program is staffed by certified technologists who can answer any questions you may have and get the results back to your physician quickly. As with the physical therapy unit and the laboratory, our MRI facility is available to any patient or physician requiring MRI scans. We offer extended hours to accommodate patient’s busy schedule.