Patient Testimonials

On a busy freshman orientation day that marks the beginning of the new year, I thought that you may want to hear a story that continues to reinforce to me that Ohio Northern University is built on student centered education, relationships, and the University always putting their best foot forward when it comes to people and service. One of our freshman female soccer athletes suffered an unfortunate orthopaedic injury this morning during practice which required efficient and effective management by Chanda West and included referral to the Orthopaedic Institute of Ohio (OIO) and Dr. James Nieman. Parent phone calls to discuss management of the athlete’s injury, a learning situation for athletic training students that were present, and coordination of care preceded her visit to OIO this afternoon. Today was no exception to the professional, efficient and effective care that the ONU AT staff has grown to know and greatly appreciate over our 20+ years of relationship with OIO, as the athlete was evaluated and already scheduled for surgery this afternoon. This coordination of events and the relationship with Dr. Nieman is something that I wish to draw attention to. The decision was made with the athlete’s family and start of school in mind. Thursdays are not typical surgical days for Dr. Nieman, but he is always cognizant of the STUDENT – athlete piece and wanted to make sure that she could have the best start to the school year possible and this meant the earlier that she could have surgery, the better it would be for her. The orthopaedic care and management that was provided to that freshman soccer athlete today by Dr. Nieman and his group at OIO is usual and customary for the ONU Athletic Training Staff and ONU student athletes. This situation is not unique and I want others at ONU to be able to appreciate the personal care that our athletes receive. Not looking to draw attention to our group, but simply to say the next time you see Dr. Nieman on the side line of a football game, just to say a special “Thanks” and know that our student athletes are in good hands with outstanding physicians. Physicians who value relationships and education. Service provided by outstanding people and professionals is what makes every ONU experience positively unique. Sincerely,

Kurt W.

Thank you for setting me straight, Dr. Briggs!

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Marjorie R.